Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

J&M Eastern Group is an Acronis Cyber Backup supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Acronis Cyber Backup Solutions. As an Acronis partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Acronis Cyber Backup products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business.

Combining backup with anti-ransomware technologies, Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the cyber protection that today’s organizations need to avoid costly downtime, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. With support for more than 20 platforms, it protects any workload, scales without limits, and saves you money.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


  • A unique solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, remote desktop, and security tools
  • Backup and recovery of your applications, systems and data on any device, from any incident
  • Anti-malware — next-generation, full-stack, AI/ML-based protection against cyberthreats, including ransomware
  • Security and management – a comprehensive yet simple endpoint management toolkit saves IT resources
  • Eight innovative data protection scenarios — unique capabilities are enabled by integration
  • Includes all features of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

Auto-discovery of new devices

Defenses against malware/ransomware

Remote agent installation

Patch management integrated with backup

Backup and disaster recovery

Vulnerability assessments

Hard drive health control

Backup and disaster recovery

Malware quarantine

Forensic information in backups

Data protection map

Dashboards and reports

Unified Protection policies management

Rescue with bootable media

Remote desktop

Graphics: Function areas are grouped according to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud


  • Local and to-cloud backup choices
  • Flexible cloud storage options with ready-to-use Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Acronis Cyber Cloud Storage, or your own cloud storage
  • AI-based ransomware protection that protects files, backups, and backup agents in real-time
  • Web-based backup and recovery console
  • Data protection on 20+ platforms, including virtual, physical, and cloud-based servers, endpoints, mobile devices, Office 365, and G Suite
  • Full image and file-level backups
  • Instant VM recovery from backup storage
  • Device auto-discovery and remote agent installation
  • Vulnerability assessments

Graphics: Hybrid cloud backup and recovery with Acronis

Advanced Features for Service Providers

Patch management

Software patches are vital to secure a business environment and fix known vulnerabilities before they become issues. With patch management for Microsoft and third-party software on Windows, you can easily schedule or manually deploy patches to keep clients safe.

Advanced Email Security

Block any email-borne threat, including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and zero-days before it reaches end-users.

Next-generation dynamic detection

Stop zero-days and APTs with Perception Point’s unique technology - CPU-level analysis that detects and blocks advanced attacks such as APTs and zero-days at the exploit stage by identifying deviations from normal execution flow during runtime.

X-ray insights

Leverage a holistic view of the threat landscape across organizations with forensics data for each email, proactive insights on threats seen in the wild, and analysis of any file or URL on which the service delivery team needs forensics.

More Features

Spam filter
Block malicious communication with anti-spam and reputation-based filters, leveraging the combined data of several market-leading technologies.
Account Takeover (ATO)
Intercept account takeover attempts — Be prepared to prevent, detect and rapidly respond. Your clients are protected against ATO more than ever before by preventing attackers from phishing credentials; monitoring email accounts for anomalies and suggesting a compromise; and ensuring fast remediation and account containment by the incident response team, in the event of account takeover.
Detect malicious hidden content by recursively unpacking the content into smaller units (files and URLs) which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds, compared to 20+ minutes for legacy, sandboxing solutions.
Logging and auditing
Enhance clients’ compliance and enable auditing and investigations with visibility into all actions performed by admin users and the incident response team, with a comprehensive audit log.
Threat intelligence
Stay ahead of emerging threats with the combined threat intelligence of six market-leading sources and Perception Point’s unique engine that scans URLs and files in the wild.
24/7 chat support with the email security team
Receive a swifter response on email security issues — rapidly reach the Advanced Email Security incident response team, and chat with support directly in the management console.
Static signature-based analysis
Identify known threats with best-of-breed signature-based antivirus engines enhanced with a unique tool by Perception Point to identify highly complex signatures.
Demonstrate your value to customers with easily accessible and manageable datasets along with weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc reports from the Incident Response team.
Anti-phishing engines
Detect malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines in combination with Perception Point’s advanced image recognition technology to validate the legitimacy of URLs.
Ad-hoc email analysis for end-users
Enable end-users to directly consult with Perception Point’s email security experts for suspicious emails before taking reckless action.
Prevent payload-less attacks such as spoofing, look-alike domain, and display name deception with unmatched precision through machine-learning algorithms with IP reputation, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record checks.
End-user contextual help
Flag emails with customizable banners based on policies and rules to provide end-users with additional contextual information to increase their security awareness.
Incident response service
Gain direct access to cyber analysts that act as an extension of your service delivery team, monitor all customer traffic, and analyze malicious intent with ongoing reporting and support, including handling false positives, remediating, and releasing when required.
Automatic email routing for Microsoft 365
Simplify the initial configuration process and speed up service provisioning by running a ready-to-use script to automatically set up routing between Microsoft 365 and Acronis.

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