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J&M Eastern Group is a ATEN supplier in Malaysia that specialises in ATEN Products. As one of the top ATEN partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of ATEN products such as KVM and cables to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with ATEN products, solutions and services.

ATEN is the industry leader in providing KVM and cables.

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As a leading ATEN partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in ATEN Products: KVM and cables.


Cable KVM Switches
Eliminate clutter and the bother of connecting separate keyboard, video and mouse cables with cable KVM switches that consolidate all cables built right into the switch.

Cat 5 KVM Switches
Improve IT asset management and reduce costs by consolidating access of resources by controlling up to 1024 servers with daisy-chainable Cat 5 high density KVM switches.

Computer Sharing Devices
Enable two users to share the programs, files and resources of a single DVI or VGA computer from two separate USB consoles.

Desktop KVM Switches
Take advantage of both ergonomic style and advanced functionality for regular and commercial workstation applications across all fields in resolutions up to 4K.

KVM Extenders
Extend your console up to 20 km away from your computer or installation in data centers, libraries, construction sites, factory production lines and more

KVM over IP Switches
Manage data center or branch office servers via remote access at anytime and from anywhere with scalable, sustainable and secure enterprise-class KVM over IP solutions.

KVM over IP Matrix System
Ideal for deployment in control rooms to extend, control and manage computers across an independent network with the KE69/89/99 series, network switch and KE Matrix Manager.

LCD KVM Switches
Reduce costs and maximize server rack space with dual rail LCD KVM solutions that provide robust control and full scalability in combination with other ATEN KVM switches.

Matrix KVM Switches
Control an entire server room/ data center reliably and securely in real-time with quick access, flexible expansion and seamless high quality video over Cat 5/6 cables.

Management Software / Control Center
Centrally manage all IT devices in data centers conveniently and economically

Rack KVM Switches
Meet the needs of large-sized business installations and streamline PC/server management while easily accommodating upgrade and expansion with rack-mountable solutions.

Remote Control & Monitoring Solutions
Easily manage and monitor all machines to improve productivity and maintain safe operations in industrial process automation and production line environments.

Secure Device Servers
Deploy in a wide range of commercial applications and industrial process automation environments to make serial devices network-ready in an instant.

Secure KVM Switches
Meet the stringent security requirements of defense and intelligence installations with NIAP-certified secure switching between computers on different security levels.

Serial Console Servers
Transform legacy device capabilities and control up to 48 servers/serial IT devices with both in-band and out-of-band remote serial access via Telnet or SSH TCP/IP.

KVM Modules & Accessories
Find KVM adapter cables (CPU modules), console modules, converters, and much more, to complete your ATEN KVM installation.

Find rack mount kits for mounting your ATEN KVM switches on racks.


Cat 5 Cables
This 305 m/ 1000 ft, high performance low-skew Cat 5e cable is suitable for audio and video transmissions of a wide range of video and KVM extenders.

Cat 6 Cables
Find Cat 6 cables in various lengths including HDBaseT recommended cable.

Daisy Chain Cables
Find daisy chain cables in various lengths with DB-25 or HPDB-50 interfaces.

DisplayPort Cables
Find DisplayPort cables in various lengths.

DVI Cables
Find DVI cables in various lengths for dual link, single link and dual link KVM.

HDMI Cables
Find HDMI cables in various lengths for a maximum resolution up to 4096 x 2160.

KVM Cables
Find KVM cables in various lengths and console/computer interfaces suitable for use with ATEN devices.

VGA Cables
Find VGA cables in various lengths for a maximum resolution up to 1920 x 1200.

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