October 25, 2017

Cisco Security

Advanced Defenses for Advanced Attacks

Cisco Security blocks more threats and quickly mitigate those that do breach your defenses with the industry’s first threat-focused NGFW.

Cisco Firepower NGFW appliances combine our proven network firewall with the industry’s most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection. All so you can get more visibility, be more flexible, save more, and protect better. Get better protection against today’s sophisticated attacks. Stop more threats, gain more insight into your environment, and protect your digital business initiatives.

Cisco Firepower Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) threat appliances combine superior visibility, embedded security intelligence, automated analysis, and industry-leading threat effectiveness. 

ASA 5500-X with FirePOWER Services

  • Small to medium business, branch office
  • Firewall throughput from 256 to 1,750 Mbps
  • Threat inspection from 125 to 1,250 Mbps
  • Stateful firewall, AVC, NGIPS, AMP, URL

Firepower 2100 Series

  • Internet edge to data center environments
  • Firewall throughput from 2.0 Gbps to 8.5 Gbps
  • Threat inspection from 2.0 Gbps to 8.5 Gbps
  • Stateful firewall, AVC, NGIPS, AMP, URL

Firepower 4100 Series

  • Internet edge, high-performance environments
  • Firewall throughput from 20 Gbps to 60 Gbps
  • Threat inspection from 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps
  • Stateful firewall, AVC, NGIPS, AMP, URL

Firepower 9000 Series

  • Service provider, data center
  • Firewall throughput up to 225 Gbps
  • Threat inspection up to 90 Gbps
  • Firewall, AVC, NGIPS, AMP, URL, DDoS

Protect your endpoints

  • Cisco endpoint security helps you block malware at the point of entry, gain visibility into file and executable-level activity, and remove malware from PCs, Macs, Linux, and mobile devices.

AMP for Endpoints

Protect your network

  • Get deep visibility into network-level and network-edge threat activity and block advanced malware.

AMP for Networks

Protect your email

  • Add AMP capabilities to email and web security appliances or to your cloud email and web security deployments.

AMP for Email Security

AMP for Web Security

Cisco AMP for Networks

Protect your network from malware

Get the market's only network-based malware defense that goes beyond point-in-time detection to protect across the entire attack continuum. Designed for our network security appliances, specifically the Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Next-Generation Firewall, AMP for Networks provides visibility and control to protect against highly sophisticated and targeted advanced malware.

AMP7150-BUN, AMP8050-BUN, AMP8150-BUN, AMP8350-BUN, AMP8360-BUN, AMP8370-BUN, AMP8390

Cisco AMP for Email Security

Block email-based attacks.

More than 100 billion corporate emails are exchanged every day. Predictably, email has become a prime vehicle for cyber attacks. Cisco AMP for Email Security defends your business against spear phishing, ransomware, cryptoworms, and other stealthy attacks. It goes far beyond traditional perimeter defenses to give you advanced capabilities.

ESA-C695-K9, ESA C395-K9, ESA-C195-K9


  • Ideal for SMB and branch offices
  • 1.2 TB of disk space
  • 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs


  • Ideal for midsize offices
  • 2.4 TB of disk space
  • 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs


  • Ideal for large enterprises
  • 9.6 TB of disk space
  • 2 rack units (2RU)
  • 6-port 1GBASE-T NICs