IPAM For Open Source DNS & DHCP Servers on Linux

J&M Eastern Group is a EfficientIP supplier in Malaysia that specializes in IPAM For Open Source DNS & DHCP Servers on Linux. As one of the top EfficientIP partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of EfficientIP products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business.

Open source BIND DNS and ISC DHCP servers deliver the most advanced features, with unequaled deployment flexibility and high-availability of core network services. However, lack of visibility and unitary server management, disconnected from the IP addressing plan, makes operating them labor-intensive and complex, implying high-risks of configuration errors.

EfficientIP IPAM solution offers integrated BIND DNS and ISC DHCP service management with IP addressing plans to deliver holistic visibility, unified management and consolidated automation across on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Gain Holistic Network Visibility and Control

Get a centralized, comprehensive and real-time view over distributed DNS and DHCP servers, and your company’s entire IP address space across multiple networks to improve network teams’ agility. Network discovery provides a dynamic inventory of connected device locations and an automated reconciliation process. Consistent UI with pre-defined and customizable IPAM, DHCP, DNS reports and dashboards offer advanced monitoring, auditing and capacity planning capabilities.

Boost Efficiency with Unified Management of IP Plan and DNS-DHCP Services

Ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency by integrating dynamic management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP servers into a single process. Manage multiple IP addressing plans, VxLAN/VLANs, and VRF consistently with DNS and DHCP services from a centralized tool and in one single operation. Eliminate any risks of DHCP conflicts, duplicate IPs or subnet overlaps with built-in consistency and uniqueness control. Guarantee error-free BIND DNS, ISC DHCP configurations and easy delegation through wizard-driven deployments.

Simplify Design and Automate Deployment of Resilient and Secure DNS-DHCP Architectures

Design and deploy in just a few steps state-of-the-art DNS and DHCP architectures with SmartArchitecure™ templates. Manage all associated servers as one single entity for simple, error-free and fast configuration changes based on automation and best practices enforcement. Ensure high-availability and security of core network services thanks to built-in disaster recovery mechanisms and resilient SmartArchitecture™ such as DHCP failover and Multi-master DNS.

Key Features

Single-pane-of-glass Management

Unified management and visibility of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6), VLAN/VxLAN, VRF and devices with BIND DNS and ISC DHCP servers across hybrid-cloud and virtual environments.

Consistent and Flexible GUI

Unrestricted tag and metadata to document and classify DDI resources with technical and organizational information according to company needs.

Smart Delegation & Reporting

Advanced delegation capabilities and services monitoring with customizable reports and dashboards

Automated Failover

Automated deployment of resilient network services architectures: DHCP failover, star DHCP failover, multi-master DNS, hidden DNS master and more.

Open & Flexible APIs

Rich plug-in and open restful APIs to interface with network security and automation ecosystem.

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