June 7, 2022

SOLIDserver™ DDI

SOLIDserver™ DDI

J&M Eastern Group is a EfficientIP supplier in Malaysia that specializes in SOLIDserver™ DDI. As one of the top EfficientIP partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of EfficientIP products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business.

The SOLIDserver™ DDI suite is designed to deliver highly scalable, secure and robust virtual and hardware appliances for critical DNS-DHCP-IPAM services. It provides vital benefits for the agility, reliability, and security of your network infrastructure.

SOLIDserver is the cornerstone of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) projects for datacenter automation, internet DNS, LAN infrastructures, cloud computing, digital transformation and any IT organization dealing with the challenges of a dynamic and secure infrastructure. DDI helps software defined networking (SDN) become fully integrated to the whole IT ecosystem – from orchestration of application deployment to IT Service Management (ITSM) process control.

EfficientIP DDI appliances strengthen your core network foundations to support your business imperatives to improve business continuity and decrease operating costs with smart automation. Our ROI Study indicates that automating key processes with DDI can save organizations up to $745K in labor and hardware costs over 3 years.

Network Visibility, Control and Efficiency

EfficientIP DDI appliances intelligently simplify and automate IPv4 and IPv6 address management and VLANs/VXLANs with multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services (Microsoft®, ISC BIND DNS and DHCP, AWS Route 53 and Azure DNS Zones). The SOLIDserver DDI appliance provides global visibility, comprehensive consistency control and unified management across your entire network from a single pane of glass. Network coverage includes networking functions embedded in cloud systems, including public IaaS like AWS and Azure. It offers a unique and more accurate way to access your IP network data, with a transverse view, unlimited search criteria and customizable DDI dashboards.

The DDI solution ensures dynamic, integrated management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP services in a single process, bringing up to 80% time savings for network administrators. All changes made to the IP addressing scheme are automatically pushed to the DNS and DHCP servers, eliminating human errors and enforcing corporate policies.

Reliable, Secure and Automated DNS and DHCP Architectures

SOLIDserver’s embedded SmartArchitecture™ innovation automates the deployment of state-of-the-art, resilient, robust and secure architectures of DNS-DHCP servers. Through a policy-driven approach, EfficientIP simplifies delegation to non-expert administrators with resource templates, workflows and an easy-to-use interface. The “one-click” upgrade technology and global patching management allows for lower administration costs with a modern DDI infrastructure.

Dynamic Network Repository for Single Source of Truth

Unlike excel spreadsheets or basic IPAM offerings, SOLIDserver DDI appliance, together with NetChange, brings you a dynamic and centralized repository of all your IP related resources, the “IP Golden Records” (DDI, VLAN/VXLAN/VRF, app, devices).

IP Golden Records provide accurate technical and organizational information ensuring comprehensive and efficient network management, and empowering advanced integration to network automation and security ecosystems.

Network and Security Ecosystems Integration with Open APIs

Automation combined with EfficientIP’s rich set of DNS, DHCP and IPAM APIs allow SOLIDserver DDI appliance to be linked easily to complex ecosystems. Valuable information – related to interface, device, network and application – contained in the IPAM system can be collected and manipulated through API for real-time integration with any third-party IT system to simplify deployment,  improve compliancy control and audit trails, and deliver advanced automation across platforms.

It helps to prevent the spread of attacks, improves detection and accelerates remediation by sharing threat intelligence information and security events.

DDI Integration to Orchestration Systems And Configuration Managers

SOLIDserver DDI appliance suite can be seamlessly integrated through plug-ins and flexible APIs with leading orchestrators such as VMware vRealize, OpenStack, Terraform, HPOO and Microsoft System Center, as well as configuration managers (Ansible, Chef, Puppet…).

Automating DNS and IP resource provisioning workflows leads to fast and easy deployments based on specific DDI management policies.

SOLIDserver DDI Appliance in Public and Private Clouds

EfficientIP’s DDI appliance can be rapidly deployed on leading virtualization solutions, such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix and OpenStack. Following the trend of companies adopting hybrid cloud strategies, SOLIDserver DDI appliance suite also runs in public cloud environments on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud- allowing easy-to-deploy, resilient and secure DNS, DHCP and IPAM services in the cloud to be offered.

Integrated DDI Solution Key Benefits

Proven Time and Cost Savings

Decreasing TCO by up to 75% and management time by up to 80%

Simplified Network Management

Corporate standards enforcement and DDI best practices through policy-driven deployment.

Network Reliability and Security

Error-free configuration, change tracking, secure and resilient DNS-DHCP services.

Holistic Visibility and Auditing

Dynamic and accurate network visibility across on-prem and cloud platforms.

Increased Deployment Velocity

Fast IPv4 and IPv6 deployments through user-friendly wizard and DDI orchestration.

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