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J&M Eastern Group is a Entrypass supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Entrypass Products. As one of the top Entrypass partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Entrypass products such as access control system, and access controllers to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Entrypass products, solutions and services.

Entrypass manufactures a series of products that centralizes on various functions and needs. From Platform Software and CCTV Integration Modules, to Active Networks, Serial Communicators and Elevator Control Panels.

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As a leading Entrypass partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Entrypass Products: Platform1 software, Active Network, Serial Communication, and Network Multi-Elevator Control Panel.

Platform1 software

The Entrypass Platform1 is an Access Control System developed to enhance scalability while providing the freedom to limit or extend its scalability reach. Designed as a client server-based Windows application, the Platform 1 is powerful and provides many integrated features, making it easily adaptable to today’s most demanding physical access control structures.


  • Redundancy Module
  • Multi Tenancy Module
  • CCTV Integration Module (CIM)
  • Elevator Integration Module (EIM)

Active Network

Entrypass Active Networks are designed to enhance highly customized and rapid ‘real-time’ changes to the underlying network operation. Brilliantly engineered with all the power you need to enable code-sending, minus the unnecessary buffer time with its distributed architecture capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging at the server end.

Available models:

  • N-MINI 2 Integrated Network Controller
  • N6400 Active Network Control Panel
  • N6200 Active Network Control Panel
  • N5400 Active Network Control Panel
  • N5200 Active Network Control Panel
  • N5150 Active Network Control Panel

Serial Communication

Still an important and relevant system today, Entrypass Serial Communicators enables transmission of information between computers or between computers and peripheral devices, one bit at a time over a single line, either synchronous or asynchronous. Our range of Serial Communication devices varies from integrated controllers with built-in readers to advanced 4 readers control panel and even hybrid input/output control panels to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Available models:

  • S3400 Serial Communication Control Panel
  • S3200 Serial Communication Control Panel
  • S3150 Serial Communication Control Panel

Network Multi-Elevator Control Panel

Entrypass Network Multi-Elevator control panel is specifically designed to increase security level of an elevator system built in high rise buildings such as condominium, apartment, or office building applications. Elevator Access Control system allows authorised users to gain access to designated elevator car and floors based on their user rights granted. User rights for elevator car & floor accessibility are configurable via Entrypass Platform 1 Server - Professional Edition.

Available Models:

  • NE4800 Network Multi-Elevator Control Panel
  • L3800 Elevator Control Panel
  • POB Passive Output Board
  • HIO Hybrid Input Output Control Panel

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