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J&M Eastern Group is a Extreme Networks supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Extreme Networks Products. As one of the top Extreme Networks partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Extreme Networks products such as cloud managed networking to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Extreme Networks products, solutions and services.

Extreme Networks designs, develops, and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment and develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security and access controls.

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As a leading Extreme Networks partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Extreme Networks Products: cloud managed networking.

ExtremeCloudTM IQ

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Wired and Wireless Network Management Offering Intuitive Configuration Workflows, Real-Time and Historical Monitoring, Comprehensive Troubleshooting and Integrated Network Applications

ExtremeCloud IQ is an industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven networking, designed to take full advantage of Extreme’s end-to-end networking solutions. ExtremeCloud IQ delivers unified, full-stack management of wireless access points, switches, and routers. Using innovative ML/AI technologies, it analyzes and interprets millions of networks and user data points, from the network edge to the data center, to power actionable business and IT insights, and deliver new levels of network automation and intelligence.

Astonishingly Easy.
Incredibly Smart.

Designed to streamline every aspect of your network from deployment to maintenance, ExtremeCloud™ IQ has been built with the human element in mind, helping IT and business focus on what’s really important to them instead of dealing with menial and time consuming operational tasks.

Key benefits of ExtremeCloud™ IQ include:

Client, Device, & Network 360
Get the complete performance, health, and security picture of every user and device in, around, and part of your network

Unified Policy Management
Granular template-based wired and wireless policy management for thousands of devices and sites

Product Highlights

Full Stack Management

  • Native cloud management for Wi-Fi, switching, and routing

Dashboards and Insights

  • Machine Learning derived insights drive a comprehensive visual dashboard of location, devices, and users

Network Health

  • Real-time and historical view of client and device health with built-in remediation tools

Application Visibility and Control

  • Visibility and control of application usage for professional and recreational applications and network services

Comparative Analytics

  • Anonymously assess operational and performance-based metrics to those of other organizations of a similar size and vertical

Integrated Essentials Applications

  • ExtremeGuest™
  • ExtremeAirDefense™
  • ExtremeIoT™
  • ExtremeLocation™


  • With near zero-touch deployment, automatically apply configuration policies

Unlimited Data Option

  • Lifetime data for more informed network decision-making

Mobile Onboarding

  • Securely supports device management from Apple and Android phones

Deployment Choices

Extreme offers three cloud deployment options – Public, Private or On-Premises – that support one goal: to provide maximum flexibility, continuous innovation, and a consistent user experience. More so, our 100% software-centric architecture is cloud-hosting agnostic, supporting AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Public Cloud: Extreme provides access to a hosted service which removes infrastructure management and costs, provides data privacy and protection, unmatched reliability, and continuous delivery of innovations.
  • Private Cloud: Private Cloud: For businesses who want or need to isolate management services in their own controlled environment, Extreme packages ExtremeCloud IQ into a private cloud offering which enables the same services as the public cloud (e.g. ML, AI, data stores etc.) all hosted within customers’ or partners’ private cloud instance.
  • On-Premises: On-premises options provide Extreme’s cloud service in a format which can be hosted on-premises at your site. Flexibility to choose full local customer control with Local Cloud or Extreme DevOps control with Distributed Cloud for cloud efficiencies.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers the same capabilities and feature sets across deployment options so, as requirements change, so too can your deployment – there is no need to rip and replace.

Your Network. Your Way. Complete Solution Flexibility with ExtremeCloud IQ™

Extreme Networks makes it easier for you to scale with value based subscriptions.

ExtremeCloud IQ Connect

ExtremeCloud IQ Navigator

ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot

AVAILABILITYPublicPublicPublic, Private and LocalPublic, Private
FEATURE SETFree device management for access points, switches, and routersEVERYTHING IN CONNECT, PLUS:

Additional management functions for third party and non-native cloud devices


Advanced infrastructure management, reporting and remediation tools


Explainable machine learning derived insights and intelligence. Algorithmically detected anomalies.

  • Device Onboarding
  • Guided Configuration
  • Centralised Management
  • Wi-Fi Planner
  • Basic Monitoring Tools
  • Essential Security
  • Application Visibility
  • SSH Proxy
  • Web Proxy to WiNG Controller
  • Web Proxy to Extreme Campus Controller
  • Advanced Topology View
  • Troubleshooting Heuristics
  • Contextualised Optimisation
  • Role Based Profiling
  • Advanced 360° Reporting
  • Comparative Analytics

*only available for cloud native devices

  • PoE Stability
  • Wi-Fi Capacity
  • Wi-Fi Efficiency
  • Device Uplink Efficiency
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Radar Detection

*only available for cloud native devices

  • ExtremeCloud IQ Connect is our base level tier. It provides subscription-free cloud management for supported devices, enabling organizations to deploy enterprise-grade connectivity with basic network management. Adding additional license tiers is simple and seamless.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Navigator is for organizations that have deployed the WiNG Wi-Fi controller-based solution. It provides enhanced policy enforcement, visibility, reporting, and advanced configurations. Navigator delivers configuration and management of WinG infrastructure systems at scale including advanced policy, advanced segmentation, advanced SSH, etc.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot is the primary deployment mode for Extreme Cloud IQ, and is for organizations that require enhanced policy enforcement, visibility, reporting, and advanced configurations. Pilot delivers configuration and management of infrastructure devices at scale including advanced policy, advanced segmentation, advance troubleshooting, advanced guest, advanced SSH, etc.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot unlocks additional explainable ML/AI. CoPilot constantly scans, compares, and computes network data to alert IT Administrators and recommend actions to mitigate issues or anomalies before they result in a disruption of service. This simplifies and facilitates troubleshooting and customer resolution so Network Administrators can spend less time fixing the network and more time on essential activities. Simplifying and facilitating troubleshooting and customer resolution. Spend less time fixing your network, and more time on business-critical productivity and essential activities.

ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials

ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials provides four key applications for guest management, WIPS, IoT, and location services. These applications are included within the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscription.

ExtremeGuest is a robust and comprehensive guest engagement solution that enables managers and network operators to use analytical insights for a deeper dive into how their guest networks are utilized. For example, knowing how many customers use the guest network, how often they visit, and how much time they spend on the network are all metrics that can be measured through ExtremeGuest. Analytics of social networking behavior of customers can be used to increase patronage and expand brand exposure.

ExtremeAirDefense simplifies the protection, monitoring and compliance of your Wireless LAN networks. ExtremeAirDefense continuously safeguards the network from external threats 24x7x365 and notifies IT staff when attacks occur, enabling an immediate response. Using existing infrastructure with AirDefense, organizations can protect their air waves from unwanted behavior. It is deployed as a set of access points serving as sensors to monitor the airwaves together with this application. Sensors can be access points configured in radio share or dedicated sensing modes and can also be used as overlay security network in any environment. Sensors can be deployed as either dedicated sensors or in radio-share mode.

ExtremeIoT is a simple IoT security solution that is designed to protect high risk, wired IoT devices. Through the application of security profiles, it controls IoT device attachment and access to the network to lockdown IoT communications to what’s authorized. It reduces the effort of IT departments with separate onboarding portal designed for non-IT personnel.

Location services are crucial in helping enterprises personalize customer engagement and enhance operational efficiencies. ExtremeLocation is a resilient and scalable cloud-driven solution, that provides enterprises powerful multi-tier location services across all sites. Supporting Wi-Fi and/or BLE technologies, enterprises can monitor workflows and assets, in real-time or historically, to improve their overall operations and efficiency. ExtremeLocation provides granular location accuracy resolution to support diverse industry-specific use cases. For example, retailers can track new and repeat visitors, engagement times and associates or asset locations, to provide a contextual-based personalized experience to their customers. Healthcare providers may view real-time dashboards and monitor trends of users and assets, to deliver enhanced patient care.

Product Specifications

Simplified Deployment

  • Customer self-service sign-up
  • Guided workflow for network policy deployment
  • On-screen step-by-step guided configuration
  • RF planner with map import and export
  • Design with simulated APs on RF Planner map, then seamlessly swap these for real APs when deployed
  • Devices automatically connect to ExtremeCloud IQ for provisioning
  • Devices auto-provision with network policy and firmware updates
  • Mobile on-boarding via XIQ MobileOnboarding for Apple and Android devices

Centralized Configuration

  • Guest Access functionality
  • Device templates for switches, routers and APs
  • Act as RADIUS server or RADIUS proxy, and as DHCP server
  • Centralized view of all configuration objects
  • Bulk edit device properties
  • Schedule firmware upgrades
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) access to Extreme devices
  • Active directory/LDAP
  • IPv6 support
  • Syslog and SNMP server configuration
  • Auto-provisioning
  • Configuration audit, backup, restore, import and export
  • Support for Extreme VPN gateway (VG-VA)
  • Multi-tenant capability: supports multiple virtual organizations

Centralized Policy Management

  • Device classification by location and timezone
  • Customer application definition
  • Client classificaion by location, OS type, MAC address
  • Multiple user profiles for each SSID
  • Time-based firewall and QoS policy
  • Application, network and MAC layer firewall policy rules
  • WIPS policy for rogue AP detection and mitigation

Security and Privacy

  • ExtremeCloud IQ cloud platform conforms to ISO/ IEC 27017 and is certified by DQS to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 by the International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • CSA STAR certified Role-based access control
  • No customer data traverses ExtremeCloud network
  • Restricts to traffic to enterprise data
  • SSO for ExtremeCloud™ IQ administrators via SAML
    • Note: Only supported in Public Cloud, not supported on IQVA
  • Optional multi-factor authentication with Google Authenticator for administrators
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) features including:
  • Search for, download and delete personal data for specific users
  • Creation of reports to document the above actions


  • Time-range slider on dashboard for historical view
  • 360° views of Extreme network policies, AP, client devices, users and apps
  • Global search function by network policy, MAC address, serial number, user, hostname or application name
  • Unlimited retention of historical data for monitoring and reporting usage
  • Interactive Network Summary Report with easy sharing
  • Savable contextual filters by location, SSID, policy, user, profile and client OS type
  • Comparitive Analytics to anonmously assess operational and performance metrics against other cloud customers of a similar size and industry

Guest Access

  • Onboarding and management of visitor and employee personal devices (BYOD)
  • Multiple onboarding workflows via Captive Web Portal, Kiosk app and Guest Check-In applications
  • Private PSK (PPSK), 802.1X (RADIUS) and PSK authentication
  • Supports 3rd party and customized CWPs including HTML upload for added deployment flexibility


  • Client 360° behavioral analysis; real-time and historical network performance monitoring and optimization
  • Help-desk optimized interface with problem summary and suggested remedy
  • Dedicated Helpdesk user role
  • Real-time troubleshooting with probe messages and stage filters
  • Historical troubleshooting with automatic issue detection
  • Mark issue resolved or escalate issue with email notification
  • Built-in Command Line Interface (CLI) and remote SSH
  • RADIUS test
  • AP technical data download
  • VLAN probe tool for simplified troubleshooting of the wired network
  • Optional packet capture analysis with partner solution (CloudShark)


  • WIPS history report
  • Drill-down capability from client list to client 360° view
  • Device list with rich utilities for advanced configuration and investigation
  • Real-time client list with SNR, RSSI, data usage and connection status
  • Savable and reusable filters shared across dashboard and monitor
  • Alarm and event lists with historical and real-time data
  • PCI DSS 3.2 compliant reporting
  • Rogue AP and rogue client monitoring
  • Real-time data for connection clients and users
  • Google Maps integration and navigation with floorplan upload capability

Supported Languages

  • English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Chinese


  • Data centers with SOC Type 1 compliance (formally SAS 70 and/or SSAE 16), Type 2 and 3 compliance
  • High availability with disaster recovery and redundancy
  • Scheduled backups
  • 24x7 monitoring warranty

Security and Operation 

  • Accounts are password protected and accessed via secure SSL
  • Management traffic is encrypted and restricted using industry-proven CAPWAP protocol over HTTPS
  • Out-of-band operation ensures no customer data traverses Extreme's Cloud Services
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) to ExtremeCloud IQ for administrator accounts
  • Multi-Factor authentication with Google Authenticator for administrator accounts
  • Multi-tenant architecture with secure account separation
  • Centralized monitoring and management
  • Integrated RBAC to delegate select ExtremeCloud IQ roles and permissions to different administrators
  • VAR and partner management capabilities including account provisioning and maintenance
  • ExtremeCloud IQ connectivity does not impact network operations servicing end-users

Ordering Information

CategoryModel NumberModel Description
ExtremeCloud™ IQ Subscriptions
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SubscriptionXIQ-PIL-S-C-EWExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SaaS Subscription and EW SaaS Support for one (1) device (1 year).
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SubscriptionXIQ-PIL-S-C-PWPExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SaaS Subscription and PWP SaaS Support for one (1) device (1 year).
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SubscriptionXIQ-PIL-S-OP-EWExtremeCloud IQ Pilot On-Prem Subscription (RTU License), EW SW Support for one (1) device (1 year).
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SubscriptionXIQ-PIL-S-OP-PWPExtremeCloud IQ Pilot On-Prem Subscription (RTU License), PWP SW Support for one (1) device (1 year).
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot On-Prem SoftwareXIQ-PIL-VA-DLExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SW, delivered via download. Can be used with XIQ On-Premises Subscription SKU or XIQ Perpetual SKUs. One time buy.
ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot On-Prem Perpetual LicenseXIQ-PIL-P-OPExtremeCloud IQ Pilot On-Prem Perpetual License On-Premises for one (1) device. Cannot be used with SaaS.
ExtremeCloud IQ Navigator SubscriptionXIQ-NAV-S-C-EWExtremeCloud IQ Navigator SaaS Subscription EW SaaS Support for one (1) device (1 year).
ExtremeCloud IQ Navigator SubscriptionXIQ-NAV-S-C-PWPExtremeCloud IQ Navigator SaaS Subscription PWP SaaS Support for one (1) device (1 year).
Other Subscriptions
ExtremeCloud IQ Cloud OpsXIQ-CLOUDOPS-S-EWSubscription for On-Premises Cloudops Software Management of Distributed Cloud installations (1 year), Min 3 years. For deployments with a minimum of 1,000 and up to 10,000 managed devices

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