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J&M Eastern Group is a Forcepoint supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Forcepoint Products. As one of the top Forcepoint partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Forcepoint products such as a unified cloud-centric platform, data security and network security products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Forcepoint products, solutions and services.

Forcepoint was created to empower organizations to drive their business forward by safely embracing transformation technologies - cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and others - through a unified cloud-centric platform that safeguards users, networks and data while eliminating the inefficiencies involved in managing a collection of point security products.

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As a leading Forcepoint partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Forcepoint Products: Forcepoint ONE, data security and network security.

Forcepoint ONE


The Power of ONE

ONE platform

ONE console

ONE agent

Work safely at warp speed

A lot is happening on the web. That’s why Forcepoint ONE is there too. It’s the platform that routes traffic locally and secures work from any device. Decryption, inspection and blocking are all happening where the work happens - all without impacting users.

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Secure work on any device

Nearly everyone’s working on multiple devices. What’s not working? Using multiple solutions to secure all of those devices. Forcepoint ONE is one console with many solutions. From one platform, gain visibility, control access and protect data on all devices.

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Protect managed and unmanaged apps

Give access to only the apps a user needs rather than the entire network. Protect managed or unmanaged apps with full-strength encryption in-app. Detect zero-day threats at upload, download and even when data is at rest. Block data leaks in files, images or text and stop malware from a device or browser.

Learn more at Forcepoint ONE.

An all-in-one, total solution

Secure Web Gateway

This cloud SWG is on-device and directs traffic locally. No need for on-prem appliances, VPNs or network hops.

  • On-device SWG
  • Keep threats at a distance
  • Get control over Shadow IT
  • DLP
  • Stop Malware and Antivirus Threats
  • Control risk
Cloud Access Secure Broker

Everything’s moving to the cloud – including data. Keep it all safe with an industry-leading CASB.

  • Built in identity provider
  • Eliminate blind spots in real time
  • Data protection baked right in
  • Security that scales automatically
  • Protect BYOD
  • Control from one console
  • Stay in compliance
Zero Trust Network Access

Agentless access for browser apps and BYODs are simpler to manage and deploy. Restrict access per user and per app.

  • Zero Trust – with zero VPNs
  • Adios, agents
  • Welcome back, productivity
  • Enforce DLP
  • Minimize risk
  • Streamline security

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Data Protection Feature Breadth

  • Drip DLP
  • Cloud
  • Native remediation
  • Comprehensive data discovery
  • Fingerprinting/OCR

Unified Data Protection Coverage

  • Unified policy enforcement
  • Single console
  • Converged network & endpoint
  • Cloud apps
  • Off-network

Behavioural Awareness

  • Native behavioural analytics
  • Risk-adaptive protection
  • Risk-based policy enforcement

Automation & Ecosystem

  • Automated policy enforcement
  • Classification vendor compatibility
  • Database flexibility

Risk-Adaptive DLP

Behavior-centric approach to data protection

Gain better context and understanding of user intent by focusing on user behavior and their interaction with data

  • Increase employee productivity with individualized data protection so low risk users can proceed as usual while limiting high risk user activity
  • Minimize false positives with a graduated approach to policy enforcement based on risk level so practitioners don’t experience alert overload
  • Enable safe collaboration on cloud applications by gaining insights to user engagement with cloud data
  • Investigate risk from insiders with efficiency and ease
Gain meaningful visibility into user interactions with critical data

Eliminate dangerous blind spots and power a complete view of when users are trending towards risky behavior

  • Understand user behaviors and intent with always up-to-date risk scoring
  • Unlock broad monitoring capabilities across 100+ Indicators of Behaviors (IOBs)
Implement a Zero Trust model with continuous user validation

Surface risk from sanctioned users and alert analysts to unusual behaviors at the earliest point of detection for a truly Zero Trust approach to security

  • Limit access based on unusual user activities that could indicate compromise
  • Validate user risk through real-time monitoring of ongoing user and data interaction
Maximize security analyst efficiency and reduce alert fatigue

Risk-Adaptive Protection shifts organizations from an event-centric to a risk-centric approach to data protection.

  • Get ahead of the exfiltration event through orchestration of policy adjustments at the user level
  • Gain investigation efficiency and increase learn capacity
Investigate risk from insiders with efficiency and ease

Reduce the need for manual touchpoints through a frictionless implementation process and personalized automation.

  • Increase analyst capacity to investigate users through automation and the elimination of false-positives
  • Free up your staff through an easily maintained infrastructure in the cloud and a 30-second agent deployment

Secure SD-WAN

Resilient and smart
Keep the entire workforce connected. Secure SD-WAN is built with multiple redundancies and a system that intelligently load balances and manages traffic.

Zero touch upgrades
Simplify setup and management of SD-WAN at scale. Updates and upgrades can be scheduled and without a need for staff to be on site.

Reduce risk
Connect and protect branch offices and remote sites on a global scale quickly from a centralized management console.

Tie the network together
Deploy Secure SD-WAN to replace multiple point products with one solution – lowering your costs.
Plus with one console, your team can manage and protect branch remote locations at global scale.

Meet your dashboard
Keep your network in-house and in your control. With this easy-to-use console, your team can monitor your network from end to end.
Get visibility across your hybrid network in real time. See incoming threats and spot connection issues in your city or across the globe.

Dig into the details
Your team can stay informed of network system changes or performance hiccups without being distracted by them. Check into specifics of your ISP connections and VPN health or dig into individual cloud app performance.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Centralized Management
Ability to manage large quantities of firewalls and fleets of firewalls at scale without compromising performance.

Ease of management, granularity of controls, and scalability of management capabilities.

Security Effectiveness
Assessed block rate, IP Packet Fragmentation/TCP Segmentation, false-positive testing, stability, and reliability.

Evasion Protection
Assessed ability to protect against evasions, HTTP evasions, and a combination of evasion techniques.

Based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)/Mbps over a 3-year period

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