April 30, 2020


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J&M Eastern Group is a Fortinet supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Fortinet Solutions. As one of the top Fortinet partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Fortinet products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team of certified Fortinet engineers are well experienced with Cisco products, solutions and services.

Fortinet develops and markets cybersecurity products and services, such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and endpoint security.

Working remotely can benefit employees due to the geographic freedom, the reduction in commute, and flexible schedule. There are also occasions in which working remotely may be the only option for continued operations.

When emergencies happen that prevent employees from being productive in the office, organizations need solutions that enable business continuity, supporting employees as they work from alternate locations. The Fortinet Security Fabric covers the remote worker scenario with three primary levels of connectivity.

Security Fabric At-A-Glance

Network Security

Gain high-performance networking and security from the enterprise to branch. Fortinet Network Security enables complete visibility and provides automated threat protection across the entire attack surface.

Multi-Cloud Security

Enable secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. Fortinet Multi-Cloud Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across a variety of cloud infrastructures.

Secure Access

There is no slowing the growth of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications. Ensure secure application and device access and management without compromising performance.

Security Operations

Deliver advanced threat intelligence to detect, prevent, and respond sophisticated malware. Fortinet Security Operations solutions also help achieve compliance and improve overall security awareness.

Fabric Management Center

Implement a security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations to help prevent network breaches. Fortinet’s solution provides an integrated security architecture to unify siloed environments.

Endpoint and Device Protection

Ensure networks are secure from the latest threats with proactive endpoint protection. Fortinet provides the critical Internet of Things (IoT) and device security for visibility and control of all devices across the network.

Application Security

Protect frequently targeted business web applications. Fortinet’s Application Security Solution delivers a robust and integrated set of products to protect applications from advanced threats.

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As a leading Fortinet partner and Fortinet supplier in Malaysia we specialise in Fortinet Products: FortiGate subscription and license renewals, FortiCare renewals, FortiGate firewalls, FortiSwitch, FortiAP, FortiCloud, FortiTokenMobile and FortiAnalyzer.

Fortinet Networking


The comprehensive portfolio of Cisco routers can help you create a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network.


Cisco switching solutions are optimized for a wide range of industries, including service providers, financial services, and the public sector.


Provide anywhere, anytime access to network resources with the same quality of experience that a wired network delivers

Fortinet Security


Stop threats, see what's happening on your network, and reduce costs with our threat-focused next-generation firewall appliances.


Cisco offers a variety of options for managing network security. Choose the one that is best for your environment and business needs.

Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security


Unify your voice, video, data, and mobile applications for collaboration

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