May 26, 2022

Juniper Networks

Your Preferred Juniper Partner

J&M Eastern Group is a Juniper supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Juniper products. As one of the top Juniper partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Juniper products such as access points, switches and firewalls to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Juniper products, solutions and services.

Juniper Networks develops and markets networking products, including routers, switches, network management software, network security products, and software-defined networking technology.

Looking for Juniper supplier in Malaysia?
As a leading Juniper partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Juniper Products: access points, switches and firewalls.

Juniper Wireless Access Points and Edge

Juniper Wireless Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper Mist Cloud Services and Mist AI to deliver premier wireless access capabilities. The Juniper Mist Edge extends microservices to the campus to bring agility and scale while enabling new applications at the edge.

  • AP45
  • AP34
  • AP43
  • AP33
  • AP12
  • AP41
  • BT11
  • AP63
  • AP32
  • AP61
  • AP21
  • Edge


Optimize user and application experiences while improving the economics of networking with cloud-grade, high-density ethernet switching across your data center, campus, and branch. Juniper switches deliver agile, reliable, and scalable networks with AI-powered automation and insights.

EX Series Switches

EX Series switches are cloud-ready, high-performance access and distribution/core-layer devices for enterprise branch, campus, and data center networks. With the EX Series, wired access networks don’t have to be complex—you can reduce risk and cost without compromising performance, quality, or innovation. Easily onboard, configure, and manage the switches and operate campus fabrics at scale with the Juniper Mist Cloud. Combine the EX switches with Juniper’s Wi-Fi portfolio for a unified wired and wireless solution, driven by Mist AI, that delivers simple and secure connectivity at scale.

Available models:

  • EX4400 Multigigabit
  • EX4400
  • EX4300 Multigigabit
  • EX4300
  • EX3400
  • EX2300 Multigigabit
  • EX2300
  • EX2300-C
  • EX9250
  • EX9200
  • EX4650
  • EX4600

QFX Series Switches

QFX Series Switches deliver industry-leading throughput and scalability, an extensive routing stack, the open programmability of the Junos OS, and a broad set of EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric capabilities. With QFX, you’ll find premier solutions for data center spine-and-leaf, campus distribution and core, and data center gateway and interconnect switching.

Rethink data center operations and fabric management with turnkey Juniper Apstra software in your QFX Series environment. You can automate the entire network lifecycle to simplify design and deployment and provide closed-loop assurance. With Apstra, customers have achieved 90% faster time to deployment, 70% faster time to resolution, and 83% OpEx reduction.

Available models:

  • QFX5700
  • QFX5130
  • QFX5120
  • QFX5110
  • QFX5220
  • QFX5210
  • QFX5200
  • QFX10008 and QFX10016
  • QFX10002
  • QFX5100

SRX Series Services Gateways

Protect your network edge, data center, and cloud applications with Juniper next-generation physical, virtual, and containerized firewalls.

Available models:

  • vSRX
  • cSRX
  • SRX1500
  • SRX4100
  • SRX4200
  • SRX4600
  • SRX5400
  • SRX5600
  • SRX5800
  • SRX300
  • SRX320
  • SRX340
  • SRX345
  • SRX380
  • SRX550

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