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J&M Eastern Group is a NetApp supplier in Malaysia that specialises in NetApp Solutions. As one of the top NetApp partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of NetApp products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with NetApp products, solutions and services.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in San Jose, California, NetApp specializes in helping customers get the most out of their data with industry-leading cloud data services, storage systems, and software.

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As a leading NetApp partner and NetApp supplier in Malaysia we specialize in NetApp Products: NetApp Cloud Volume ONTAP (BYOL), Cloud Insights, Cloud Backup Service, Cloud Compliance, Global File Cache, Virtual Desktop Service, Cloud Volume ONTAP for AWS, Azure & Google Cloud MARKETPLACE, Cloud Volume Service for AWS & Google Cloud MARKETPLACE, SaaS Backup, Cloud Sync, Cloud Tiering.

NetApp Cloud Volume ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables you to optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.

Cloud Insights

NetApp Cloud Insights gives you complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications. With Cloud Insights, you can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize all your resources and applications across your entire technology stack, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud.

Cloud Backup Service

NetApp Cloud Backup is a service for Cloud Volumes and on-premises ONTAP clusters that deliver simple, efficient, and secure backup and restore capabilities for protection, and long-term archive of your data.

Cloud Compliance

NetApp Cloud Compliance is now NetApp Cloud Data Sense. NetApp Cloud Data Sense is driven by powerful AI algorithms that improve the way you interact with your data. Automated controls and reporting from our newly renamed tool will help you find anything, anywhere, at any time

Global File Cache

NetApp’s proven intelligent Global File Cache allows distributed enterprises to securely consolidate silos of file servers into one cohesive global storage footprint in the public cloud, which streamlines overall IT management, significantly cuts costs and boosts business productivity on a global scale.

Virtual Desktop Service

A global control plane that gives you the power to automate, orchestrate, manage, and optimize your digital workplace both on-premise and in the cloud. Any cloud.

Cloud Volume Service

Cloud Volumes Service is NetApp’s new, fully managed hyperscale cloud service for enterprise users seeking high performance and reliability. Cloud storage comes in many forms, from object storage to block-level devices. However, many organizations simply require a ready-to-use, highly available, high-performance shared file service where scalability is not an issue. This is the solution that NetApp Cloud Volumes Service offers as a native cloud marketplace service in AWS and Google Cloud Platform, and as a first-party service called Azure NetApp Files, delivered supported by Microsoft, built on NetApp technology in Microsoft Azure.

SaaS Backup

NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365 is a secure, cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) that protects your mission-critical data in Microsoft 365 against the odds of data loss. Protect Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and OneNote with a user-friendly interface. Take advantage of unlimited data retention for backup and retain complete control of your data. With features like granular recovery and single click restore, we ensure that your data is easily accessible when you need it.

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync is NetApp’s service for rapid and secure data synchronization. Whether you need to transfer files between on-premises NFS or CIFS file shares, Amazon S3 object format, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or NetApp StorageGRID Webscale appliance, Cloud Sync moves the files where you need them quickly and securely.

Cloud Tiering

NetApp’s Cloud Tiering service extends your data center to the cloud by automatically tiering inactive data from on-premises ONTAP clusters to object storage. This frees valuable space on the cluster for more workloads, without making changes to the application layer. Cloud Tiering can reduce costs in your data center and enables you to switch from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model.

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