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J&M Eastern Group is a Patchsee supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Patchsee Products. As one of the top Patchsee partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Patchsee products such as intelligent patch cords to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Patchsee products, solutions and services.

Patchsee is the industry leader in providing intelligent patch cords.

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As a leading Patchsee partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Patchsee Products: Intelligent Patch Cords.

Intelligent Patch Cord

3P design created the FIRST RJ45 patch cord with light tracking system in the world by inventing the PATCHSEE "intelligent patch cord" through ongoing outreach to business computer networks. This has been the first technical solution designed and manufactured by this company since 2001.

How does it work?

PATCHSEE cables are the first RJ45 Patch Cords in the world with optical technology.
To locate your RJ45 cables, the light is transmitted from one end to the other by two plastic optical fibers integrated into the cable.

1. Plug: PATCHSEE cables connect like traditional RJ45 cables.

2. Light: Press and light PatchLight on the back of one end of the PATCHSEE cable.


3. Detect: You instantly spot the connection of your cable at the other end. No mistakes possible.

The PATCHSEE solution

Cabling management: a strategic issue!

The primary role of every Comms rooms, Patch panels, Server farms, Data centers is to keep corporate information services up and running. Today, however, systems are evolving quickly and infrastructure management continues to grow increasingly complex. Every maintenance operation and every technical intervention, whether planned or unexpected, must be fast and secure.

The financial cost resulting from Network services downtime and mission-critical applications can represent significant loss in many sectors, such as banking, e-commerce, telecommunications and industry.


PATCHSEE range of patch cords and Accessories

All cords in the PATCHSEE System have optical fiber light repetition.


10 Gbits/s applications
Category 6a UTP and FTP RJ45 patch cords.


Up to 10Gb/s
Ultra slim UTP and FTP RJ45 patch cords. Cat 6a, 6 and 5E compatible.


Long cables
Cat. 6a long UTP and FTP RJ45 cables. Solution for DATA CENTERS.


Long cables
Cat. 6a long UTP and FTP RJ45 cables. Solution for DATA CENTERS.


Category 5e
Category 5e UTP and FTP RJ45 patch cords.

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