July 24, 2022


Poly Headsets

J&M Eastern Group is a Poly supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Poly Products. As one of the top Poly partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Poly products such as headsets, conference phones, business phones, and video conferencing solutions to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Poly products, solutions and services.

Work is no longer a place to go or a time of day. It’s about what you do, how you do it and getting stuff done. And to do that you depend on clear communication. Poly headsets are beautifully designed tech that let you hear and be heard with incredible clarity, while tuning out distractions. Delivering crazy good audio for your most important conversations.


Working from anywhere means not being tied down. With Poly Bluetooth headsets, you can blaze new trails. Even while walking down one.

Explore the Poly Bluetooth headsets and headphones such as Voyager Focus 2, Voyager Focus UC, Voyager 8200 UC, Voyager 6200 UC, Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series, Voyager 5200 Series, Voyager 4300 UC Series, and Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series.


We can’t make you superhuman, but we can give you superpowers. Poly DECT headsets give you the security and extended range for your most critical conversations.

Explore the DECT Wireless Headsets such as Savi 8200 Office & UC, Savi 7300 Office Series, Savi 7200 Office Series, and CS540.


So simple. Just plug them in and you are ready to roll. Boom!

Explore the USB headsets such as Blackwire 8225, Blackwire 5200 Series, Blackwire 3300 Series, and Blackwire 3200 Series.


Your team has enough stress. They shouldn’t be worried about audio quality. Poly headsets offer the freedom to work anywhere, with any service you choose, and our solutions are pro-grade. Your CSRs will be contact center heroes.

Explore the contact center headsets such as EncorePro 700 Digital Series, EncorePro 700 USB Series, EncorePro 700 Series, EncorePro 500 Series, EncorePro 300 USB Series, EncorePro 300 Series, and DA Series.


As a leading manufacturer of lightweight headsets, we strive to set the highest standards of quality and design. We use premium components in our speakers and noise-canceling microphones to provide the clearest conversations when they matter the most.

Explore the aviation and specials headsets such as HW261N-DC, SSP 2353-01, SUPRAPLUS SDS 2490, SUPRAPLUS SDS 2491, SDR 2141-01, SHS 1890, SHS 1926, USB – PTT, DCH, SHS 2310, SHS 2005, SHS 2355, USB - PTT, SECURE VOICE, SHS 1963, SHR 2083-01, SHR 2082-01, SDR 2301-01, SHR 2638-01, CA12CD-S, STARSET H31CD, CA22CD, MS200, MS250, MS260, MS50/T30, H81N-CD, H251-CD, H251N-CD, and H261N-CD.


Headset add-ons for making your headset the best it can be.

Explore the accessories and audio processors such as AC adapter, battery, charging base, case, USB adapter, spare headset, cable, switch, eartip, ear cushion, ear loop, headband, voice tube, lifter, audio processors and adapters.

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