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J&M Eastern Group is a Rittal supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Rittal Products. As one of the top Rittal partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Rittal products such as enclosures, power distributions and climate control to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Rittal products, solutions and services.

Rittal is the industry leader in providing enclosures, power distributions and climate control.

Enclosure systems

Improved mounting plate

  • Simple one-person assembly
  • The mounting plate slides easily on slide rails with plastic skids; slide rails may also be used for interior installation
  • Precise positioning of the mounting plate on a 25 mm pitch pattern

New type of Flex-Block base/plinth system

  • Fast assembly by simply clipping together the base/plinth components
  • The enclosure is easily transported, both when empty and fully configured, by removing the base/plinth trim panel
  • Space-saving cable management in the base/plinth means more space for enclosure configuration

Comprehensive potential equalisation

  • In standard enclosures, all panels and gland plates may be conductively connected to one another via assembly components

Baying enclosure system VX25


  • The QR code on all machinable enclosure panels permits fully automated incorporation into the production workflow, for seamless digital monitoring from the incoming goods right through to the finished product.

Material savings

  • As standard, potential equalisation of the enclosure panels occurs during screw-fastening, which saves up to seven earth straps per enclosure and also improves work safety by eliminating sharp-edged protruding parts.


  • Automatic potential equalisation of the roof, rear panel and sides acts as earthing when Rittal climate control devices and Rittal fan-and-filter units are installed.

Reliable engineering

  • Rittal’s customers are supported by a wealth of conversion and planning tools in the automated production process and when working with a virtual prototype:
    • Configurators
    • Parts list converters
    • EPLAN Pro Panel
    • 2D/3D CAD data
    • ecl@ss Advanced
    • Technical documentation
    • Data for planners
    • Assembly videos

TS 8 baying systems

Versatile baying options

  • Around corners, forwards, backwards, to the left or right or even upwards – the baying options are unlimited
  • Baying connection technology for fast assembly and stable, permanent baying
  • The transportation of bayed TS 8 enclosures is supported

Symmetrical frame

  • Symmetrical layout supports access from all sides
  • Identical system accessories in the width and depth for interior installation
  • Accessible from all sides, thanks to the possibility of hinged side panels

Universal interior installation

  • Two symmetrical levels with identical pitch patterns in the width and depth
  • Interior installation with two mounting levels
  • Up to 15% better space utilisation, thanks to consistent use of the outer mounting level
  • Extensive system accessories tailored to the frame section for individual interior installation

System enclosures SE 8

Smart construction

  • High stability thanks to a self-supporting, integral construction technique, with roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed “frame”
  • High protection category
  • Sheet steel and stainless steel versions for almost every application area

Time-saving interior installation

  • Identical mounting plate and compatibility with the TS 8 baying system for uniform engineering
  • Minimal assembly work thanks to the roll-formed sides

Unlimited installation options

  • Automatic potential equalisation
  • Optimum cable entry
  • Wide range of accessories with the TS 8 system platform
  • Different base/plinth variants: Flex-Block, cable chamber or standard base/plinth in sheet steel or stainless steel

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