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J&M Eastern Group is a Riverbed supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Riverbed Products. As one of the top Riverbed partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Riverbed products such as Unified Observability, Network Visibility, End User Experience Management, network performance monitoring to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Riverbed products, solutions and services.

Riverbed is the industry leader in providing Unified Observability, Network Visibility, End User Experience Management, network performance monitoring.


Modern IT Environments are Exponentially More Complex

The rapid pace of digitization and transformational shifts to hybrid work, modern application architectures, and hybrid cloud networks make it difficult for IT teams to keep digital services accessible, high-performing and secure for customers and employees.

* DEJ Observability Study, Mar 2022


of organizations lose visibility into the digital service delivery chain after IT modernization projects.*

What’s Driving the Need for Observability?

In distributed and dynamic environments, everything is interconnected. Yet IT teams still rely on siloed tools to manage performance. They wrestle with too much data, limited or sampled data, and thousands of alerts that provide little context or actionable insights. Troubleshooting requires war rooms and highly skilled IT staff to manually investigate issues across domains. There needs to be a better way.

Unified Observability: A Different and Better Approach

Riverbed is on a path to delivering an observability solution that unifies data, insights, and actions for all IT. With unified observability, IT can eliminate data silos, war rooms, and alert fatigue. They can enable more effective decision-making across domains, apply expert knowledge more broadly, and continuously improve digital experience and business performance.


Unify Data, Insights and Actions Across IT

Alluvio is a SaaS-based, open and programmable solution that captures full-fidelity user experience, application, and network performance data on every transaction across the digital enterprise. It then applies AI and ML to contextually correlate data streams and alerts to provide actionable insights. This intelligence also automates the investigative workflows of IT experts, empowering staff at all skill levels to solve problems, fast.

Unified Data

Capture and unify full-fidelity telemetry across the entire IT ecosystem and actual user experience, without sampling.

Unified Insights

Get unified, context-rich, filtered and prioritized insights that address the challenges of all IT domains and environments

Unified Actions

Replicate and automate the investigation and remediation actions of IT experts to unify and empower all skill levels

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As a leading Riverbed partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Riverbed Products: Alluvio Unified Observability.

End-User Experience Monitoring

Self-healing and visibility into the end-user experience of every application running on any device from the quantitative and qualitative perspective of the end user.

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Network Performance Monitoring

Gathers all packets and flows, all the time, to provide comprehensive visibility across hybrid cloud environments and to enable business-centric views across domains.

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Application Performance Monitoring

Simplified high-definition APM visibility leveraging Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and OpenTelemetry for insights across the cloud-native ecosystem.

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IT Infrastructure Monitoring

A portfolio of solutions that help IT proactively discover, collect and monitor infrastructure, analyze performance, plan and design multi-vendor networks, and manage change.

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