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J&M Eastern Group is a TeamViewer supplier in Malaysia that specialises in TeamViewer Solutions. As one of the top TeamViewer partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of TeamViewer products to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with TeamViewer products, solutions and services.

TeamViewer is a comprehensive, remote access, remote control and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. TeamViewer lets you remote in to computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world and use them as though you were there. Plus, you can remotely connect to servers, commercial-grade machines, and IoT devices from anywhere, at any time through our secure global remote access network.

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As a leading TeamViewer partner and TeamViewer supplier in Malaysia we specialize in TeamViewer Products: TeamViewer Remote Access.

Remote Support

Deliver Instant Remote Support to Customers and Employees

Tech mishaps happen. Computer glitches, system crashes, and device failures can bring business to a standstill. Instead of making on-site service calls that take time and increase costs, IT pros choose TeamViewer to provide instant remote support for their clients.

Top Features:

  • Ad-hoc support for clients and employees
  • Custom branding for support applications
  • Integrated service case management and integrations for major service desk systems
  • Leave sticky notes on remote computers
  • Integrations for Mobile Device Management and other apps

Remote Access

Access Remote PCs, Mobiles, and Servers — or Work From Home

Working from home. Away on business trips. With TeamViewer remote access tools, you can stay productive no matter where you are. Your desktop files and applications are just a few clicks away. Even mobile devices and servers can be securely accessed — all without VPN.

Top Features:

  • Permanent access for unattended devices
  • Videoconferencing and collaboration with TeamViewer Meeting
  • Black screen for private remote access
  • Secure, flexible file sharing
  • Remote Printing for Windows and MacOS

Mobile Device Support

Support Mobile and Commercial-Grade Devices — Anywhere, Anytime

Need to access, manage, and support mobile devices, even when no one’s there? No problem just set up permanent unattended remote access to mobile devices, computers, and servers, or even IoT devices, point of sale (POS) machines, kiosks, or digital signage.

Top Features:

  • Share Your Screen on iPhones and iPads
  • Transfer files  securely, and manage transfers in the Files app on iOS
  • Mobile-to-mobile  connections
  • View system diagnostics in the TeamViewer desktop app
  • Chat via text, take screenshots, or control processes on the supported device

Business License

Access & Control Computers Remotely
Secure Unattended Access
Remote printing for Mac & Windows on any printer
File Sharing
Cross platform access
Tech support via phone
Up to 200 managed devices
1 licensed user
10 meeting participants

Premium License

Include all Business license offered
Complement with Third-Party Integrations
Customized Device Information
User Access Reporting
1 multiple sessions at a time (add on up to 5)
TeamViewer web client
Up to 300 managed devices
15 licensed users
10 meeting participants

Corporate License

Include all Premium license offered
Mass Deployment
Device Access Reporting
3 multiple sessions at a time (add on up to 10)
Up to 500 managed devices
30 licensed users
10 meeting participants

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