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J&M Eastern Group is a Tenable supplier in Malaysia that specialises in Tenable Products. As one of the top Tenable partner and reseller in Malaysia, we carry a wide range of Tenable products such as vulnerability assessment and management, and visualisation solutions, to meet your requirements and quickly respond to the demands of your business. Our team is well experienced with Tenable products, solutions and services.

Tenable is the Cyber Exposure company. Over 27,000 organisations around the globe rely on Tenable to reduce cyber risk.




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As a leading Tenable partner and supplier in Malaysia we specialize in Tenable Products: vulnerability assessment and management, and visualisation solutions.

Tenable Nessus

#1 Solution for Vulnerability Assessment.


Nessus was built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of how security practitioners work. Every feature in Nessus is designed to make vulnerability assessment simple, easy and intuitive. The result: less time and effort to assess, prioritize, and remediate issues.

Deploy On Any Platform

Nessus can be deployed on a variety of platforms including Raspberry Pi. Regardless as to where you are, where you need to go or how distributed your environment is, Nessus is fully portable.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Dynamically compiled plug-ins increase scan performance and efficiency. This enables the faster completion of the first scan and time to value.

Leverage IaC Security Scanning

Download and start scanning with Terrascan to secure your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before deployment.

Zero in On Threats That Matter Most

Market leading coverage so that you know every vulnerability. Leverage the power of Nessus so you can triage and address the threats that matter most.

Pre-Built Policies and Templates

More that 450 pre-configured templates help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities. Easily audit configuration compliance against CIS benchmarks and other best practices.

Customizable Reporting & Troubleshooting

Customizable reporting capabilities can be optimized to meet specific needs and are exportable the formats that are most suited for your security process.

Live Results

Automatically perform an offline vulnerability assessment with every plugin update. From here you can easily run a scan to validate the presence of the vulnerability which accelerates the accurate detection and prioritization of issues.

Ease of Use

Nessus is designed with an intuitive approach to navigation and user experience. This includes a resource center to guide you with actionable tips and guidance on the next steps to take.

Grouped View

Similar issues or vulnerability categories are grouped together and presented in one thread, simplifying the time to research and prioritize issues for remediation.

✓High speed, in-depth assessments
✓Free training and guidance
✓Support via Tenable Community
✓On-demand training available

✓Unlimited assessments
✓Use anywhere
✓Configuration assessment
✓Live Results
✓Configurable Reports
✓Community Support
✓Advanced Support (available as an option)
✓On-demand training available


✓Managed in the Cloud
✓Includes Predictive Prioritization
✓Advanced Dashboards and Reports
✓Role-Based Access Control
✓Advanced Support
✓Enterprise Scalability
✓Instructor-led training course available


Unified Visibility of Your Attack Surface
A diverse array of sensors automatically gathers and analyzes your security and vulnerability data. You get full visibility into your entire attack surface— for any asset on any computing platform.

All Your Data Analyzed Continuously
Continuously track and assess known and unknown assets and their vulnerabilities—even highly dynamic IT assets like mobile devices, virtual machines, containers and cloud instances.

Predict the Vulnerabilities that Matter
Proactively identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with the highest impact to your organization. Get targeted alerts when new threats appear to quickly respond.

Speed Up Incident Response
Get immediate insight with intuitive dashboard visualizations for rapid analysis. Customize reports to inform security teams about critical issues.

Tenable Lumin

How secure is the business? Meet your Cyber Exposure Score

Calculatecommunicate and compare your cyber exposure while managing risk with Tenable Lumin.

For the first time ever, you can visualize and explore your Cyber Exposure, track risk reduction over time, measure the effectiveness of your security operations and benchmark against your peers.

Use Tenable Lumin, an advanced visualization, decision support, analytics and measurement solution, to understand and reduce your Cyber Exposure. Lumin transforms vulnerability data into meaningful insights to help you manage cyber risk across your entire organization.


Risk-Based Exposure Scoring and Prioritization
Advanced risk-based Cyber Exposure analysis and scoring weighs vulnerabilities, threat data, asset criticality along with remediation and assessment maturity. Provides clear guidance on where to focus remediation efforts.

Unified View of Assets and Vulnerabilities
Gain insights through a single, comprehensive view of your entire attack surface (including traditional IT, public and private clouds, web applications and containers and IoT and OT).

Deep Business Insights
See how your organization’s cyber risk is changing over time. Manage risk based on quantifiable metrics aligned to the business. Quickly determine the actions you need to take to reduce your cyber exposure.

Exposure Analytics, Benchmarking and Decision Support
Track cyber risk reduction over time and compare your cybersecurity effectiveness within your organization and to industry peers. Insight into your exposure to new critical vulnerabilities.


Risk-Based Exposure Scoring and Prioritization
Detailed analysis of exposure scores for individual assets and recommended remediation solutions.

Deep insight into your entire attack surface
Machine learning predicts potential risk of assets that have yet to receive an in-depth assessment.

Program Effectiveness Measurements
Insight and perspective into your security processes. Measure and benchmark your assessment and remediation maturity. Quantify how well you’re scanning your environment and your effectiveness in remediating vulnerabilities.


See Everything. Predict What Matters. Managed On-Prem.

Understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities and assets to prioritize first with Tenable.sc+

Get a risk-based view of your IT, security and compliance posture so you can quickly identify, investigate and prioritize your most critical assets and vulnerabilities.

Managed on-premises and powered by Nessus technology, the Tenable.sc suite of products provides the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with real-time continuous assessment of your network. It’s your complete end-to-end vulnerability management solution.


See Everything
A diverse array of sensors automatically gathers and analyzes your security and compliance data to give you full visibility into your converged attack surface.

All Your Data Analyzed Continuously
Continuously assess your network for unknown assets and vulnerabilities, and monitor network changes, users, applications, cloud infrastructure and trust relationships so you never miss a beat.

Predict Dangerous Vulnerabilities
Instantly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with the highest impact to your organization. Get targeted alerts when new threats appear to quickly begin remediation.


Manage Your Data, Your Way
Tenable.sc+ is the leading on-prem option for Vulnerability Management. Manage your data your way with on-prem or hybrid deployment options while reducing risk for the organization.

Understand Asset Criticality
Tenable’s Asset Criticality Rating (ACR) in Tenable.sc+ provides an added dimension to understanding the criticality of your assets to make better decisions in reducing risk for your organization.

Get Immediate Insight
Leverage more than 350 pre-built, highly customizable dashboards and reports to get clear, actionable insight into the data you need to easily identify threats.

Easily Customize
Create different reports for different audiences to ensure the most critical threats are seen and dealt with immediately. Generate reports on demand or schedule them, and automatically share with the appropriate recipients.

Streamline Compliance Reporting
Stay compliant with immediate visibility into your compliance posture. Easily demonstrate adherence with predefined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates.

Gain Operation Technology (OT) Visibility
Gain complete visibility, security and control over the OT threats that put your organization at risk with Tenable.ot integration.

✓Risk-based vulnerability management, on-prem
✓Immediate visibility into your network with unlimited Nessus scanners
✓Clear, actionable insight into data with highly customizable dashboards, reports and workflows
✓Instantly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities using built-in risk scores and threat intelligence
✓Speed up incident response with customizable configuration alerts, notification and ticketing
✓Free API access for customer integrations, data acquisition and data enrichment

Includes all Tenable.sc benefits as well as:

✓Gain a deeper understanding and context of your assets using Asset Criticality Rating (ACR)
✓Real-time asset and vulnerability discovery and continuous monitoring for the highest level of visibility
✓Streamlined compliance reporting with real-time metrics and proactive alerts on violations
✓Real-time detection of botnets and command and control traffic
✓Identification of previously unknown resources, changes in behavior and new application usage

For customers with multiple Tenable.sc consoles, Tenable.sc Director is available as an add-on to Tenable.sc or Tenable.sc+.
✓Single pane of glass to view and manage your network across all Tenable.sc consoles
✓Easily manage scans for each Tenable.sc console from one central location
✓Centralized network management to facilitate reporting and management of multiple consoles, scanners and assets
✓Centralized reporting across multiple Tenable.sc consoles to easily measure your cyber risk


Disrupt OT Threats With Tenable.ot
IT and OT environments are rapidly converging. The days of air-gapped systems are gone. Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations are adopting IoT technology at an unprecedented rate.
While these new technologies yield extreme efficiencies and cost-savings, they are not without risk. Without comprehensive OT security, your attack surface and attack vectors increase, leading to unacceptable risk.


Complete Visibility

Converged OT infrastructures require protection beyond OT. Protect both with comprehensive network coverage and deep situational awareness of your IT and OT assets.

Unified Security

Tenable.ot with Nessus unifies your OT and IT security in an integrated solution that eliminates traditional blind spots and potential security risk.

Prioritized Threat Management

Tenable.ot’s Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) identifies vulnerabilities and prioritizes them. With real-time information, you’ll always know your risk profile and which vulnerabilities to handle first.


Visibility Across All Assets
In a converged OT infrastructure, it is no longer IT or OT. It is cyber exposure. Manage your OT network and gain deep situational awareness into all assets across your entire industrial infrastructure. Proactively comply with security and compliance regulations, gain real-time updates and pull historical and audit reports at any time.

Detect Threats Early
Attack vectors hunt for “at risk” weak points in your environment and will proactively alert you to them even before a threat emerges. Our hybrid threat detection engine hunts for new attacks innovative ways and can help you stop an attack before damage occurs.

Proactively Address Vulnerabilities
Routine queries provide deep details into the state of your controllers. These insights give you visibility and a prioritized list for fixing vulnerabilities that may impact your industrial controllers.

Forensics Support
Improve awareness with enterprise-wide visibility, along with full drill-down capabilities for any asset or event, including important details and meaningful alerts to improve your situational awareness and forensics support.

Snapshot Changes
Compare current device snapshots with previous snapshots to get a better understanding of changes to your OT environment, including details into what happened and when changes occurred. You can even roll a device back to its last known good state.


Tenable.ot protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. Tenable.ot identifies and protects operational technology (OT) environments from cyber exposure and threats and ensures operational safety and reliability.

Comprehensive Visibility
Up to 50% of your OT infrastructure contains IT assets. Attacks can easily propagate across IT/OT infrastructure. Tenable.ot provides complete visibility into your converged attack surface while measuring and controlling cyber risk across your OT and IT systems. Tenable.ot integrates with the Tenable product portfolio and also with leading IT security tools.

Asset Management
Tenable.ot gives you deep insights and unparalleled situational awareness into your infrastructure without impacting operations. This patented approach gathers far more information than network monitoring alone, including identification of devices that do not communicate on your network.

Advanced Threat Detection
Attack vectors can proactively identify weak points in the OT environment before an attack ever occurs. Furthermore, Tenable.ot’s multi-detection engine, identifies policy violations, detects anomalous behaviors and tracks signatures for potential high-risk events. Granular control allows you to set and fine-tune detection methods so they are optimized for your environment. With context-rich alerts, you can quickly respond and mitigate threats impacting your operations.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
Tenable.ot leverages domain expertise in industrial security for OT assets, and Nessus for IT assets. Tenable’s VPR scoring generates vulnerability and risk levels using each asset in your ICS network. Reports include detailed insights, along with mitigation suggestions. This enables authorized personnel to quickly identify the highest risk for priority remediation before attackers can exploit vulnerabilities.

Configuration Control
With Tenable.ot, you can track malware and user-executed changes made over your network or directly on a device. Tenable.ot provides a full history of device configuration changes over time, including granularity of specific ladder logic segments, diagnostic buffers, tag tables and more. This enables administrators to establish a backup snapshot with the "last known good state" for faster recovery and compliance with industry regulations.


The Power of a Unified Risk-based View Across Your Converged Infrastructure with Tenable.ot and Tenable.sc

The Power of Prediction
Addressing all OT vulnerabilities is important, but predicting which are easy for attackers to exploit and target enables you to focus first on what matters most.

Vulnerability State
With the integration of Tenable.sc and Tenable.ot, you can track and trend mitigated and outstanding vulnerabilities.

Unified View
For a complete understanding of your modern attack surface, unify your OT and IT security with an integrated view.

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